Symposium on Life Cycle Thinking as a catalyst for innovation management

6 July 2017

“Opportunity over challenge: Life cycle thinking as a catalyst for innovation management”

LCA/M and Industrial Ecology Student Symposium 2017

Massey University, Auckland
30 March 2017

The Life Cycle Association of New Zealand (LCANZ) and the New Zealand Life Cycle Management (NZLCM) Centre are organising a one-day symposium on LCA/M and industrial ecology on 30th March 2017, at Massey University in Auckland.

Water Footprint Workshop

Massey University, Wellington
11 November 2016

Water crises were identified by the World Economic Forum as the risk with the biggest impact facing economies around the world in 2015 (World Economic Forum, 2015).

Building LCA Seminars

One day seminars in each of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
7 November 2016 to 9 November 2016

In order to help architects and other design professionals get to grips with building LCA,