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Chandrakumar, C., McLaren, S.J., Jayamaha, N.P., & Ramilan, T. (2018). Absolute Sustainability-based Life Cycle Assessment (ASLCA): A Benchmarking Approach to Operate Agri-food Systems Within the 2-degree Celsius Climate TargetAccepted for publication in Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Seidel-Sterzik, H.,McLaren, S.J., & Garnevska, E. (2018) Effective Life Cycle Management In SMEs: Use of a Sector-Based Approach To Overcome Barriers. Accepted for publication in Sustainability.

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Chobtang, J., Ledgard, S.F., McLaren, S.J., & Donaghy, D.J. (2017). Life cycle environmental impacts of high and low intensification pasture-based milk production systems: a case study of the Waikato region, New Zealand. Journal of Cleaner Production, 140, 664-674.

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