Livestock LCA and Footprinting Studies:

Massey University, AgResearch

An LCA is being undertaken of the once-a-day dairy farm managed by Massey University in Palmerston North. 

Completed April 2012
AgResearch, Beef + Lamb NZ, Landcare Research, Massey University, Plant & Food Research, Scion Research, MAF, MIA, Landcorp, Ballance

This project aimed to develop methodologies and guidance for measurement and management of the water footprint (WF) associated with the production and supply of red meat products. The first stage of this project resulted in a review of water...

Completed 2013
Silver Fern Farms, AgResearch, Landcare Research, Massey University, Scion

This project is providing guidance on development of environmental indicators for a database of NZ livestock farms.

Completed April 2012

The water footprint of dairy farming in two contrasting regions (irrigated Canterbury vs. Rain-fed Waikato) was determined while applying four different water footprint methods. The paper has been published in Agricultural Systems.

AgResearch, MAF, Beef & Lamb NZ, LandCorp, Ballance Agri-Nutrients, Massey University, Landcare Research, Plant&Food Research, Scion

The water footprint for sheep and beef production (cradle-to-meat processing gate) will be determined through an analysis of seven farm classes throughout New Zealand. The review report of water footprint methodologies was completed in September...

Completed June 2010
AgResearch, National Council of New Zealand Wool Interests, Wool Marketing Enterprises Ltd, Wool Partners International, MAF

The total GHG footprint for strong wool production was determined through to a range of overseas ports. This covered the on-farm stage for a range of farm classes (and a weighted NZ average), wool scouring and shipping stages.

AgResearch, DeerNZ, MAF, Landcorp

The total GHG footprint for venison is being determined for NZ-produced venison through the whole life cycle. This covers the on-farm stage for farm systems in the North and South Islands (and a weighted NZ average), a wide range of processors,...

Completed June 2011
AgResearch, Fonterra, MAF

A previous project in 2009 for Fonterra defined the carbon footprint for milk produced on average farms in regions of NZ and a weighted NZ average. It highlighted the dominance of on-farm stage for total GHG emissions. This project is examining...

Completed June 2010
NZLCM Centre, NZ Pork

GHG emission factors have been calculated that are specific to a number of different manure management systems practices on pig farms in New Zealand.

Completed April 2010
AgResearch, Meat Industry Association, MAF, meat companies, Landcorp, Ballance Agri-Nutrients

The total GHG footprint for lamb was determined for NZ-produced lamb through the whole life cycle. This covered the on-farm stage for a range of farm classes (and a weighted NZ average), a wide range of lamb processors, shipping, through to the...