Methodological Issues and Data for LCA


A new research group in Scion that is focused on cleaner manufacturing systems through the principles associated with industrial ecology.

LCANZ, BRANZ, AgriLINK, MAF, Fletcher Building, Massey University, PE International

The feasibility of compiling a New Zealand Inventory Database is being investigated through a Management Group set up by LCANZ and chaired by A/Prof Sarah McLaren.

Completed November 2011
Massey University, AgResearch, Landcare Research, Plant & Food Research, Scion

New Zealand-specific iInventory datasets were compiled for five product categories: coolstores, diesel, electricity, fertilisers,  and pesticides. The International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) format was used. The project was funded...

Completed June 2011
AgResearch, FertResearch, MAF

The total GHG footprint for a range of fertiliser used in NZ are being evaluated. This included evaluation of the GHG footprint of superphosphate for each of the NZ processing plants and a weighted NZ average. This was a collaborative project...

Began in 2006 and is being carried out through internal investment by Plant & Food Research.
Plant & Food Research

The project is developing a framework to quantify the eco-efficiency of the supply chain of New Zealand’s horticultural products, and it is developing footprint methodologies and reduction options for water, carbon, agrichemicals and biodiversity...

Ongoing PhD project with the Institute of Natural Resources at Massey University by Indika Herath
Plant & Food Research, Massey University

This PhD project will establish the water footprint of wine, and potatoes.  A paper has been published on the water footprint of hydroelectricity, and the PhD is nearing completion.  The thesis will be submitted late 2012.

This project (Objective 3.5) began in 2010, and is part of the soil carbon programme (Objective 3) of the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre.
Plant & Food Research, AgResearch

Objective 3 of the NZAGGRC is to establish scientifically validated, future-proofed management practices to manipulate the rate of soil C accumulation in New Zealand agriculture.  Objective 3.5 is about improved soil carbon measurement strategies...

Ongoing PhD project
Massey University, Plant & Food Research

Carbon sequestration in soil has the potential to counterbalance a significant proportion of life-cycle GHG emissions associated with some horticultural products, together with improving soil health and orchard productivity. Further, significant...

Plant & Food Research

A report for Horticulture Australia Ltd as part of their project “Vegetable Industry Carbon Footprinting Scoping Study – Discussion papers & Workshop