Purpose of Centre


The NZLCM Centre’s mission is to build capability for Life Cycle Management (LCM), including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), in New Zealand. The Centre partners will work together to provide education, training and research in LCM and LCA, and the Centre will act as a focal point to facilitate collaboration more widely across organisations, industry and government. We are committed to positioning New Zealand research and activities at the leading edge of LCM and LCA theory and practice, and facilitating integration of LCM into the strategies, management systems and operations of New Zealand organisations. We will achieve this through constructive dialogue with stakeholders, through partnership-based initiatives, and through education and training that inspires a commitment to shared prosperity across cultures, societies, countries and future generations.  


The NZLCM Centre will work in the following areas: 

  • Understanding of, and communication about, the environmental impacts of product systems extending from extraction of raw materials, through production, distribution, use and on to end-of-life management.
  • Use of life cycle approaches to develop understanding and support decision-making concerning alternative product systems with reduced environmental impacts that contribute to more sustainable value chains.

The initial focus will be on work to benefit the land-based sectors of the economy.

Five strategic imperatives guide the work of the Centre. They are listed below together with associated Performance Indicators for the first five years.

Strategic Imperatives


By June 2014, the Centre is recognised as the leading provider of training in Life Cycle Management, Life Cycle Assessment and related footprinting techniques in New Zealand. It is internationally recognised for its courses and programmes in this area.


By June 2014, LCM is the recognised framework for environmental management in New Zealand companies, and is used in an integrated way with complementary programmes such as EnviroMark, Better by Design, and Manufacturing Plus.


By June 2014, New Zealand-trained researchers and companies are undertaking research and applying LCM, LCA and related footprinting techniques in ways that are recognised internationally.

Leading Edge

By June 2014, New Zealand researchers and companies are at the leading edge of research in LCM, LCA and related footprinting techniques, and application of these approaches.

Sustainable Funding

By June 2014, the Centre partners have stable and secure funding to continue their work in the areas of Life Cycle Management, Life Cycle Assessment and related footprinting techniques.