Hybrid LCA Webinar

Palmerston North, Auckland, Wellington
Thursday, 25 January 2018

Life cycle assessments (LCA) and Environmentally Extended Input–Output (EEIO) analyses are two common methods to assess the direct and indirect  environmental impacts of products a and processes.  Studies have shown that the use of conventional process based LCA which requires a more detailed inventory development can still potentially underestimate the impacts due to truncation errors. EEIO which considers all transactions between sectors in an economy provides a more comprehensive analysis. Nevertheless, this method suffers from uncertainty due to aggregation in the EEIO database.  To minimize the errors with associated with both methods the use of hybrid LCA is recommended, which is a combination of detailed process LCA and the comprehensive EEIO.

In this webinar our PhD student Agneta Ghose will present the application of hybrid LCA for environmental footprinting, with specific focus on new multi-regional EEIO database (Exiobase v3) developed specifically for LCA practitioners

The webinar would cover the following:

-           Issues with Process LCA and EEIO
-          Types of EEIO databases
-          Hybrid LCA approach
o   Tiered approach
o   Embedded approach
-         Examples of applications of hybrid LCA
-         Case study- Application of Embedded hybrid LCA to calculate the impacts from building refurbishment in New Zealand
o   Process based inventory based on consequential approach
o   MRIO database developed in Exiobase v3
o   Preliminary results

We look forward to the participation of LCANZ members for this webinar.