GHG Footprinting Strategy Cooperation Workshop

Friday, 26 March 2010

This meeting between practitioners, researchers and government departments was held to discuss sustainability issues in export markets and what next steps were required to address these issues. The meeting was well attended (21 participants) and some good conversation generated. It was agreed that the major challenges include a lack of access to reliable and representative data and information (information from other countries is more readily available, but not always relevant or comparable and in a lot of cases data are just not available to allow an analysis); translation of Life Cycle Assessments and carbon footprinting analyses into a communicable language for both consumers and growers/producers; . and how to move from research to implementation.

The following priorities were identified:

  • Completion of carbon footprinting studies and hosting a technical workshop.
  • Water footprinting will be the next main issue.
  • Drive reduction in environmental impacts Address data issues
  • Define governance processes and standards
  • Position NZ to proactively respond to the international sustainability agenda.