Post Doc Job Opportunity

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A 3 year post-doc position is being advertised at Aarhus University’s Department of Agroecology.

A significant part of the work will be carried out as part of a recently initiated project that will assess environmental and socio-economic consequences of increasing biomass production with a view to bio-refining. This project is carried out as part of an effort to raise the biomass production from the occupied agricultural land and utilize the biomass for a range of products including protein for feeds, thereby diminishing the global pressure on land use. The work includes conceptual development of LCA to enable accounting for some burdens being local whereas others are regional or global, hotspot analysis of specified cases and economic valuation of the associated impacts underpinned by LCA derived indicators.

Deadline is 18 June 2014.

Read more about the position and how to apply here: