Whole Building Whole of Life Framework for NZ

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Towards the end of 2012, BRANZ developed a draft Environmental Profiling Plan for consultation with the New Zealand construction industry and other interested stakeholders.  The draft Plan received nearly 2300 downloads in November 2012 alone, demonstrating the considerable interest in this area.

Based on feedback received, the final version of the Plan (as a full and Key Features version) is now available on the BRANZ website using the following link:


The whole building whole of life framework will be underpinned by LCA.  BRANZ, together with partners such as the Centre for Life Cycle Management at Massey University, will commence a three year research programme into its development from Autumn this year.

For more information please contact Dr Dave Dowdell at david.dowdell@branz.co.nz.