Short course: Introduction To Life Cycle Assessment

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Sustainable consumption and production, the circular economy, carbon accounting … these topics are increasingly on the agenda for decision-makers. They all utilise a life cycle perspective to reconsider economic activities through a “cradle to grave” lens i.e. from extraction of raw materials through manufacture, distribution, use and on to final end-of-life management. The quantitative analytical tool that supports this type of environmental management is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and LCA methodology also forms the basis of related approaches such as carbon and water footprinting.
This course will introduce you to life cycle thinking as a concept, and Life Cycle Assessment as an analytical tool to support environmental management. By the end of this short course you will be able to confidently commission an LCA study designed to meet the needs of a specific decision situation and be able to interpret its results to support decision-making. The course is intended for environmental managers, product designers, engineers, policymakers and other professionals interested in learning more about the role of LCA in guiding decision-making – but without any prior training in LCA. It involves three interative, one hour zoom sessions, and two hours of independent study.

For more details and to register contact the Course Administrator:

Fiona Bardell
Phone: 06 951 7175