Student LCA Webinar Series

Friday, 15 March 2019

The Australian LCA Society is committed to supporting students working in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and those considering including LCA in their work.   The ALCAS LCA webinar program will be a monthly meeting on 3rd Wednesday of each Month at 12:00pm  Sydney/Melbourne time (2:00 pm NZ time).  

The webinar is free to all students and all ALCAS members - non-students are welcome.

The first webinar will be on the 20th March 2019.
1. LCA Expert Presentation Tim Grant, Director, Lifecycles, “Selecting indicators in your LCA.”
2. Student presentation - Chalaka Fernando PhD Candidate, ARC Training Centre in Lightweight Automotive Structures (ATLAS),   Importance of EoL phase in Shared Mobility Environmental Assessments
3. Paper Review– -Marguerite Renouf, University of Queensland,   Benjamin Goldstein et al (2017),  “Potential to curb the environmental burdens of American beef consumption using a novel plant-based beef substitute”

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